Postgraduate Students

Chris Baker

Chris’s research is about the most effective way to bait feral animals for the protection of threatened species.
Chris’s website

Sana Bau

Sana is interested in how to integrate science and practice to deliver better conservation outcomes in environmental decision making.
Sana’s website

John Baumgartner

John is studying climate change-related extinction risks through the integration of correlative and mechanistic models of habitat change, and models of population dynamics.
John’s website

Natasha Cadenhead

Natasha is working on testing and comparing correlative and mechanistic species distribution models using the Great Desert Skink, Liopholis kintorei as a study species
Natasha’s website

Kate Cranney

Kate is studying ecological outcomes monitoring on private conservation areas, with a focus on reserves managed by Bush Heritage.
Kate’s website

Hugh Davies

Hugh’s research focuses on investigating the factors implicated in the ongoing decline of small mammal species across northern Australia.
Hugh’s website

Hannah Fraser

Hannah studies the effect of management actions on the occurrence of different woodland bird species.
Hannah’s website

Michelle Freeman

Michelle is investigating how plant traits and fire frequency drive recruitment and persistence of trees in frequently burnt tropical savannas.
Michelle’s website

Kate Giljohann

Kate is studying how landscape disturbances influence species dynamics and biodiversity, and how to develop tools to aid informed environmental management.
Kate’s website

Elise Gould

Elise is building on a Bayesian belief network model that predicts grassland condition in response to different management actions.
Elise’s website

Chris Hallam

Chris’s research focus on the tradeoffs between development, biodiversity and human well-being and how to model and test different policy options at different spatial scales to make better decisions for conservation and development.
Chris’s website

Rosanna van Hespen

Rosanna is interested in management decisions in conservation science and is conducting research on the use of camera traps in animal population monitoring.
Rosanna’s website

Claire Keely

Claire is studying conservation genetics of the Growling Grass Frog, Litoria raniformis, in an urban landscape.
Claire’s website

William (Bill) La Marca

Bill is developing Species Distribution Models for numerous species on the Tiwi Islands for use in conservation planning and informed management decisions.
Bill’s website

Liz Martin

Liz is attempting to increase the certainty of rare species distribution models by incorporating species functional traits and assemblage composition into hierarchical models.
Liz’s website

William Morris

Will is studying applied statistics and forest ecology.
Will’s website

Estíbaliz Palma

Esti is studying biological invasions from a plant community perspective. She is interested in what makes some species good invaders, as well as what environmental conditions promote high levels of habitat invasibility.
Esti’s website

Michaela Plein

Michaela is studying coextinction (the extinction of dependent species with a host species) and how to manage species under the risk of coextinction.
Michaela’s website

Alina Pung

Alina’s research is focused on the trade-offs in fire management between people and avian biodiversity.
Alina’s website

Fin Roberts

Fin’s research involves using expert elicitation, modelling, structured decision-making and bayesian belief networks to inform multiple objectives of fire management in the Arhnemland Plateau of the Northern Territory.
Fin’s website

Lucy Rose

Lucy is researching ways in improving the quality of decisions in management and conservation of wetland biodiversity by exploring quantitative tools for prioritization of resource allocation.
Lucy’s website

Gerry Ryan

Gerry is studying the elements underlying achieving successful conservation impacts, and how we can, do, and should evaluate them.
Gerry’s website

Darren Southwell

Darren is using decision theoretic approaches to determine how much effort should be allocated towards monitoring to reduce uncertainty and when it is optimal to only participate in management.
Darren’s website

Freya Thomas

Freya is interested in how key plant functional traits are generated for fire prone communities.
Freya’s website

Els Van Burm

Els is studying how much data is needed to make reliable conservation decisions.
Els’s website

Inka Veltheim

Inka is studying movements and habitat use of the Brolga, Grus rubicunda, in south west Victoria.
Inka’s website

Casey Visintin

Casey is interested in studying, modelling, and mitigating impacts of the built environment and infrastructure on biodiversity.
Casey’s website

John Weiss

John is studying the potential to predict outbreaks of pests based on habitat suitability and susceptibility.
John’s website

Matt West

Matt is studying the interactive effects of a range of threatening processes, such as disease and introduced predators, on declining frogs.
Matt’s website

Saras Windecker

Saras is studying plant community assembly and its influence on wetland ecosystem function.
Saras’ website

Skipton Woolley

Skipton is studying patterns of sea floor biodiversity, including species richness, beta-diversity, community composition and the spatial aggregation of rare species
Skipton’s website