QAECO at AMSA-NZMSS 2012: Marine Extremes—And Everything In Between

Invasive seastars, Asterias amurnesis in Victoria

Invasive seastars, Asterias amurnesis in Victoria

For the first time since 2007, the Australian Marine Science Association and the New Zealand Marine Science Society will hold a joint meeting 1–5 July, 2012. Over 400 marine scientists from around Australia, New Zealand and beyond will gather in Hobart next week to mark the 4th joint conference in the history of the two scientific bodies. The theme of the meeting is “Marine Extremes—And Everything In Between”. Two QAECO members will be presenting during the coming week.

Kimberley Millers
Wednesday 5.10pm
Identifying false-positive records during monitoring for an invasive seastar,  Asterias amurensis.

Skipton Woolley
Wednesday 2:40pm
Fathom out: Ascertaining of bioregions based on multispecies modelling of benthic inverts along the WA continental margin.

Two members of QAECO‘s sister lab at the Australian Center of Excellence for Risk Analysis will also be presenting their work.

Prue Addison
Monday 5:10pm
Control charts for environmental decision-making: A tool for improved Marine Protected Area management.

Jan Carey
Wednesday 4.30pm
Optimizing the Allocation of Surveillance Effort for Introduced Species in MPAs.

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