Qaecologists at #ESA2012

Three members of QAECO are going to ESA2012 in Portland. In chronological order of their talks, we have:

Mick McCarthy: “Indices of population viability” (Monday, 6 August, 2012: 2:50 PM, D136).

Laura Pollock: “The role of speciation and introgression in local co-occurrence: Eucalyptus in the Grampians Ranges” (Tuesday, 7 August: 2:50 PM, F150).

Luke Kelly: “Optimal fire histories for conserving biodiversity” (Friday, 10 August: 10:30 AM, E144).

We’re looking forward to the meeting. We hope that you will say hi and come along to our talks.

And remember, The University of Melbourne has just advertised McKenzie Fellowships for recent (and soon-to-be) PhD graduates. If you are interested in applying, the meeting will provide a good chance to chat if you are in Portland next week.

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