Whereto for early to mid-career researchers: A Qaecologist reports from Canberra

Pia Lentini, a post-doc in the QAECO lab, attended the Early-Mid Career Researchers Forum, Science pathways: getting science on the national agenda held this week in Canberra. She reports on her experience in a triology of blog posts titled Young Australian Scientist Questioning the Status Quo (Parts: 1 2 and 3). It’s a thought provoking piece, though the picture Pia paints is far from rosy:

…I was feeling quite good about life as a young researcher before heading up to the Shine Dome in Canberra… I optimistically (or naively) had the perception that if you work really hard, tick all of the boxes of what’s expected of you, you can continue to do research. Nuh-uh…

But in the end Pia points out that there is still hope (Phew!!).

Beyond the Shine Dome. “Many scientists enter, hopefully a similar number leave”

Read the whole series:

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