Recent Qaecologist blog posts (Feb 2013, Weeks 1 & 2)

Blogging is now a big part of the QAECO lab. New blog posts by members of the lab are coming out almost on a daily basis. You can always find the latest posts in the sidebar of the lab website, but in case you missed any, here are some highlights of the last few weeks.

Every Wednesday, QAECO post-doc Amy Whitehead shows off her photographic skills with a new wildlife pic and some accompanying prose. Her most recent entries have celebrated New Zealand and Australia’s national days with great shots of species endemic to these two nations. While you’re visiting Amy’s website, be sure to dig through the archives and check out some of her amazing photos taken on a recent trip to Ross Island, Antarctica.

Speaking of great wildlife photographs by QAECO post-docs, Geoff Heard has a stunning collection of herpetological imagery from the Big Desert. Apart from seeing pictures of creatures you may never have heard of, like Underwoodisaurus milii and the Marble-faced Delma, you may also notice that most snakes and lizards prefer to be photographed looking to the right?

Are you looking for the right music to listen to while you read the latest and greatest in ecological literature? Well then, head on over to QAECO PhD student Skip Woolley’s blog. He’s got you covered.

QAECO research associate, Joslin Moore has a thought-provoking tale to tell of missed opportunities for management of the invasive plant, Salix cinerea, currently causing headaches in the Victorian Alps. You can even find a link to an ABC radio interview in which Jos discusses a recent paper on the matter, published in Conservation Biology.

Finally, QAECO post-doc Heini Kujala introduces us to a fascinating new web tool called PADDDtracker. PADDDtracker documents the process of protected area downgrading, downsizing, and degazettement (PADDD) and was created by Michael Mascia and Sharon Pailler. From the PADDDtracker website: is documenting the patterns, trends, causes, and consequences of PADDD. allows you to learn about PADDD and share your experiences with the world: where has PADDD already happened? Where has PADDD been proposed? Why is PADDD happening?

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