Recent Qaecologist blog posts (March 2013, Weeks 3 & 4)

Another fortnight, another great series of blog posts from members of the QAECO lab. Visiting qaecologist Lucie Bland continues her March hot streak with another four posts. They cover a remarkably diverse range of topics from the ‘rats of Sulawesi’ and ‘freshwater crayfish’ to ‘addressing data gaps in the IUCN red list’ and even the ‘psychology of science’.

Last week over at Amy Whitehead’s blog, to mark Whio awareness month we revisited the Whio. The previous week having featured the Mount Cook Buttercup, the world’s largest!  As always, QAECO post-doc Cindy Hauser listed her top reads of the past month.

Feeling collegial, QAECO PhD candidate Kylie Soanes admits that sometimes not everything goes right during a PhD, and offers some friendly advice about getting through the rough stuff.

The suspense was killing us, so happily we got to consume part 2 of Tracy Rout’s post on her new paper in the Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis. But no sooner had our appetite for cliff-hanging ecological blogging been whetted than senior QAECO researcher Kirsten Parris kicked off her own, with part 1 of a three-parter on why Growling Grass Frogs and roads don’t mix.

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