Recent Qaecologist blog posts (April 2013)

April marked the end of visiting PhD student Lucie Bland’s recent stint with the QAECO lab. Since then, she’s sure been busy, but that didn’t stop her from blogging. This month Lucie offers us a critical reading list for machine learning.

QAECO PhD student Hannah Pearson is celebrating completing her Masters degree late last year. And she’s celebrating in style. By blogging! Hannah’s posts this month introduced us to the wonderful world of Bayesian Networks and asked the question: what is a woodland bird?

Over at Amy Whitehead’s blog, the midweek multimedia menagerie continues unabated. This month, meet the western spotted frog, the marsupial residents of Barna Mia, the Adélie penguin and the short-beaked echidna.

QAECO post-doc Cindy Hauser reports from a workshop held in Brisbane recently, where attendees were honing their skills as facilitators. Speaking of honed skills; head on over to Geoff Heard’s blog, where you’ll find he has generously shared code and data from his recent research projects.

From the sublime to sublimely defying the ridiculous: PhD candidate Kylie Soanes tackles gender bias in science head on. And finally QAECO PhD student Els Van Burm kicks off her blog in style, with a post about a recent trip to Christmas Island.

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