Recent Qaecologist blog posts (May 2013, Weeks 3 & 4)

Another fortnight has gone by in the QAECO lab and  there is another smorgasbord of science writing for us all to feast on. QAECO PhD student Sana Bau is conducting a study on technical information and conservation decisions and is looking for people to participate.

It’s make or break time for Australia’s national parks” says QAECO’s Mick McCarthy, along with seven other prominent Australian ecologists. Read the original article published on the Conversation in mid May here.

Also in May, Amy Whitehead demonstrates how to create a presence-absence raster from point data in the statistical programming language R, Chris Jones introduces us to the birds of Albert Park and Freya Thomas lets us know all the things she has been up to with her PhD since November. Finally QAECO PhD student Chris Hallam has a great piece on his blog about quantifying biodiversity, offsets and making development decisions.

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