Recent Qaecologist blog posts (June 2013)

QAECO blogging in the month of June finished the same way it began: with a list of Cindy Hauser‘s top reads of the previous month. Cindy also told us about her recent experience facilitating a workshop of academics and land-managers.

June was all about wildlife photography. Chris Jones treated us to a series of posts on the birdlife of Albert Park. Meanwhile, Amy Whitehead continued her Wednesday wildlife posts with a distinctly six-legged flavour.

QAECO student Hannah Pearson updated us on her progress building a Bayesian belief network model to predict house prices.

Qaecologist and senior lecturer in the School of Botany, Pete Vesk, is on sabbatical. Travelling ’round Europe hasn’t stopped him from blogging though! So far he has updated us  on where he’s been and who he’s met in Spain. He also has a few thoughts on revisiting less-than-optimal data, and how to get better estimates of plant abundance. He recently attended the IAVS conference in Tartu, Estonia—I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about that soon.

Finally, QAECO post-doc Emily Nicholson gives us a heads up on why we might not be hearing too much from her in the next little while. Congrats Emily! :)

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