Qaecologists presenting at ICCB in Baltimore

It’s going to be pretty quiet in the lab next week with lots of Qaecologists travelling to Baltimore, Maryland, USA for the 26th International Congress for Conservation Biology.

So if you’re in town for the conference as well, stop by and check out some of these great talks and posters.

Good luck to everyone presenting!


Stefano Canessa, David Hunter, Michael McFadden, Gerry Marantelli and Michael McCarthy. Optimal release strategies for reintroductions: cost-effective wild and captive populations.
Room 309
Monday, July 22, 16:00

Claire Keely, Geoff Heard, Joanna Sumner, Kirsten Parris and Jane Melville. Comparing the efficacy and impact of genetic sampling techniques for amphibians.
Room 310
Monday July 22 17:00

Skipton Woolley, Timothy O’Hara, Brendan Wintle and Piers Dunstan
Deep star shift: turnover of bathyal brittle stars (Ophiuroidea) across Australia and New Zealand.
Room 308
Monday July 22 17:30

Els Van Burm, Michael McCarthy, and Geoff Heard. Retrospective study of monitoring design to inform management of the endangered growling grass frog (Litoria raniformis) in Melbourne, Australia.
Poster session
Monday July 22 18:00


Carly Cook, Hugh Possingham and Richard Fuller. A review of systematic reviews of conservation evidence.
Room 303
Tuesday July 23 17:15

Gurutzeta Guillera-Arroita, José Lahoz-Monfort, Michael McCarthy and Brendan Wintle. Inferring species occupancy at a site when detection is imperfect: setting minimum survey effort with respect to conservation objectives.
Room 305
Tuesday 23 July 17:35

José Lahoz-Monfort, Gurutzeta Guillera-Arroita and Brendan Wintle. Imperfect detection of species in biological surveys reduces the accuracy of species distribution models: when and how much does it matter?
Room 305
Tuesday 23 July 17:45


Kylie Soanes, Melissa Carmody Lobo, Peter Vesk, Michael McCarthy and Rodney van der Ree. From use to effectiveness: how well do crossing structures mitigate the impacts of roads on wildlife?
Room 305
Wednesday July 24 09:45

William K Morris, Michael Runge and Peter Vesk. The value of information for Box-Ironbark forest and woodland management.
Room 309
Wednesday July 24 11:00

Luke Kelly, Andrew Bennett, Michael Clarke and Michael McCarthy. A method for determining the optimal mix of fire histories for biological conservation.
Room 302
Wednesday, July 24 12:00


Reid Tingley. Life-history traits and extrinsic threats determine extinction risk in New Zealand lizards.
Room 310
Thursday July 25 16:00

Pia Lentini and Brendan Wintle. The impact of data quality and surrogate species on conservation decisions for a regional corridor network.
Room 303
Thursday July 25 16:30

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