Recent Qaecologist blog posts (July 2013)

QAECO blogging in July was a veritable feast of information, insight and inability-to-disappoint. Here’s a recap for those who missed out.

Qaecologist and PhD student Claire Keely kicked things off by a marking the 3rd anniversary of her PhD with a photographic journey down PhD memory lane. Claire bookends QAECO’s July blogs by reporting on a natural history note she recently published in Herpetological Review about a leucistic Growling Grass Frog.

Also this July, QAECO post-doc Emily Nicholson let us know about a successful ARC Linkage grant application for a project on risk assessment for ecosystems focussing on the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems. A recent addition to team QAECO, David Duncan has some unfinished business from a recent trip to Spain. Remote qaecologist Tracy Rout weighs in with her considerable expertise on Tasmania’s decision to wind up the state’s fox eradication program after only two years. QAECO’s resident economist Warwick Smith this month exemplifies the breadth of topics qaecologists can cover. And Cindy Hauser has more on megapodes and must-reads.

QAECO PhD student Kylie Soanes let us in on a few of the road ecologist’s tricks of the trade for getting wildlife to use road-crossing structures. It’s been a while since we last heard from Skip Woolley but he reminded us he’s still around with some handy R hints and other tid-bits.

As usual QAECO’s blog stream includes some fine photography. From our doyen of Wednesday wildlife wonders, Amy Whitehead, comes the Kowhai tree and the Dobsonfly. QAECO PhD student Michaela Plein has hit the suburbs of Melbourne, camera in hand, to document some of the birdlife she’s encountered.

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