Qaecologists presenting at #EcoTas13

So it is going to be another quiet week in the QAECO lab. A whole bunch of us will be heading across the ditch to Auckland for the joint meeting of the Ecological Society of Australia and the New Zealand Ecological Society. Here is a list of the keen qaecologists presenting their work during the conference.

Monday 25 November

Inka Veltheim
Influence of thermodynamic costs on daily movement decisions and habitat use of the brolga (Grus rubicunda)

Libby Rumpff
Overcoming (some of the) frailties of experts using structured decision making

Pia Lentini
Making use of old biased estimates: a trait-based model of microbat survival

Stefano Canessa
Dealing with trade-offs in destructive sampling designs for occupancy surveys

Hannah Pearson
Poster: Getting on the same page: what is a woodland bird?

Tuesday 26 November

Cindy Hauser
Kangaroo-vegetation dynamics in semi-arid Australia

Karen McGregor
Quantifying uncertainty in species distributions under climate change: a case study in South-eastern Australia

Alejandra Morán-Ordóñez
Aquatic metacommunities in an arid landscape: novel approaches to understand spatially structured communities

Freya Thomas
Incorporating functional traits into multi-species model of plant growth

Wednesday 27 November

Imogen Fraser
The curious case of the non-flammable grassland

Sana Bau
Technical information and judgement for conservation decisions

Brett Murphy
Fire extent and small mammal declines in northern Australia

Amy Whitehead
Avoiding extinction by a thousand cuts: evaluating strategic approaches to mitigating impacts of urban expansion on biodiversity

Natasha Cadenhead
Spatio-temporal trade-offs in fire management for threatened species persistence

William Morris
Value of information analysis for Box-Ironbark forest and woodland management

Peter Vesk
Predicting species grazing responses from lists

Kirsten Parris
Larger frogs experience greater acoustic interference in urban noise

Thursday 28 November

Kate Giljohann
Optimal fire management strategies are sensitive to conservation objectives and taxonomic focus

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