Research and teaching positions at The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is recruiting outstanding researchers to research only positions that will convert to regular teaching and research positions after 5 years. These appointments are overseen by the University’s senior executive, with support of relevant faculties.

We’d love to nominate an outstanding researcher (relative to experience) in the area of plant ecology. That researcher would ideally complement QAECO (rather than simply replicate what we do). Someone with a strong field-based or experimental program, underpinned by solid theoretical foundations and quantitative methods would seem ideal.

If that sounds like you, or if you think you have other complementary research interests, and if you have a strong track record, then please get in touch so we can discuss your possible nomination for one of the available positions.

The scheme is targeting people who have completed their PhD 3-5 years ago and have established a strong independent research program, through to outstanding senior researchers. Nominated researchers will be assessed relative to opportunity; researchers at the more junior end of the range are particularly encouraged.

So far, the university has received many fewer nominations for women than men for this scheme. Everyone would like to redress that bias.

Please contact Mick if you want to discuss this opportunity:

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