Upcoming ecology seminars in the School of Botany @unimelb

The Semester 2 schedule for the Botany Seminar Series is now complete. We’ve organised some exciting presentations from local, national and international scientists. Here’s a quick summary of the ecology speakers.

First up, on July 29th, we have QAECO’s own Dr Christopher Jones, who will be giving his PhD completion seminar on the state of riparian vegetation in agricultural areas. Next, on August 5th, we have Professor John Altringham from the University of Leeds, UK, presenting on the behaviour, spatial ecology, and conservation of bats in the UK. We will have a brief break from ecology to hear from Dr Michael Bayly from the University of Melbourne on August 26th about a new phylogeny for eucalypts based on data from the entire chloroplast genome. Then back to ecology on September 9th with a talk from Associate Professor Rachel Standish from the University of Western Australia on “Ecosystems on the rebound and management on the fly: Applying the resilience concept to ecosystem management”. And finally, on Sept. 16th, Dr Fiona Fidler, will explain why we should rethink the role of hypothesis testing in science. Seminars are Tuesday afternoon at 1pm in the new Botany wing room G26.  All welcome.

Laura and Luke

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