Qaecologists presenting at the International Statistical Ecology Conference, Montpellier 2014

So it is going to be another quiet winter in the QAECO lab. A whole bunch of us will be migrating north to Europe and other warmer climes. For many the first staging post will be the south of France [sigh], for the International Statistical Ecology Conference in Montpellier to be held next week (1-4 of July). Here is a list of the keen qaecologists presenting their work during the conference.

Tuesday 1 July

David Duncan
Simulating vegetation dynamics and an observation process to support monitoring and evaluation of public investment in biodiversity: A case study from Australia’s Biodiversity Fund.

Wednesday 2 July

Els Van Burm
The impact of data quantity on decision making using a Bayesian stochastic patch occupancy model.

William Morris
Decomposing correlated occurrence with a hierarchical Joint Species Distribution Model.

Peter Vesk
Historical data for ecological monitoring and management evaluation, some practical experiences.

Friday 4 July

Gerry Ryan
Estimating wildlife population trends from incomplete census data.

Joslin Moore
Accounting for imperfect detection when evaluating the effectiveness of invasive species control.

José Lahoz-Monfort
Exploring the consequences of reducing survey effort for detecting individual and temporal variability in survival.

Darren Southwell
Learning about colonization while managing metapopulations under an adaptive management framework.

Michaela Plein
A host’s breadth from extinction: Identifying co-extinction risk of pollinators in a threatened plant community.

Beth Crase
Incorporating spatial autocorrelation into species distribution models alters forecasts of climate mediated range shifts.

Brendan Wintle
Imperfect detection impacts on the performance of species distribution models.

Michael McCarthy
Criteria for selecting species distribution models for management decisions.

Gurutzeta Guillera-Arroita
Accounting for species detectability is not a waste!

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