QAECO in young achiever awards

Last month, not one, but two members of QAECO- Hannah Fraser and Chris Baker-were nominated in The University of Melbourne Science and Technology Award, one of the categories in the 2016 Victorian Young Achiever Awards, with Chris making it through to the final 10!

Chris’ loves a bit of maths. His research involves using maths to improve environmental management and decision making- mostly focusing on the control of invasive species, and predicting how management actions, such as reintroductions will affect the broader ecosystem. There is some cool maths and many pretty pictures, but importantly- his models were created collaboratively with stakeholders to solve, and be applicable to real world problems and questions! His work is already being recognized by the scientific community, and his methods are being employed world-wide to improve ecosystem management.


Chris math-ing up a storm…

Hannah’s research mixes approaches from ecology, decision science, social science, and philosophy of science to improve research methodologies in ecology and further the conservation of threatened ecological communities. Her research provides a model for improving consistency of terminology in ecology, and through her case study on woodland birds her research will help conserve biodiversity.

Hannah Fraser Photo

Hannah- checking out woodland birds…

Her work is has already brought about a number of collaboration with international researchers, and has received recognition in the form of awards.  She also received permission to run a symposium at the Australasian Ornithological Conference and  gathered researchers from across Australia to present the latest understanding of threats to the woodland bird community.

Apart from formal voting there is also a peoples’ choice award to vote for the finalists- voting is open now and you can vote here!

Congratulations to both for the nominations and stay tuned for more…

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