Wanting to learn about Species Distribution Modelling? Consider enrolling in our online subject! – running again soon (Jul/Oct 2018)

Are you interested in modelling? Are you a graduate student, and your project involves studying species distributions? Or maybe you are a research professional or a manager wanting to expand your quantitative skills?

Species distribution modelling is one of the most highly cited areas of ecological research. And it is not just about research; species distribution models are also very useful for supporting a wide range of environmental decisions. So why not learn more about them?

At the University of Melbourne, we run a graduate subject on Species Distribution Modelling, delivered entirely online. The subject is offered to externals through the university’s Community Access Program (CAP). Through this program, you may choose to study in either assessed or non-assessed mode (costs are 3696AUD for non-assessed mode; 4612 for assessed mode). The subject runs this year from 23 July to 21 October (final assessments due around mid Nov).

The subject covers species distribution modelling from two different angles, ecophysiological models and correlative models (GLMs, Maxent, BRTs…), and consists of video lectures and guided computer practicals in R. The content emphasises an understanding of the problem, the data, and the model, and provides practical skills in fitting the models. The subject team includes Mike Kearney and Jane Elith, two internationally recognised experts in the field!

Tempted? Get in touch if you are; we will be happy to answer your queries. Please email José, the subject coordinator (jlahoz@unimelb.edu.au).

For information about the subject and the CAP program see:




Please spread the word through your networks!! Thanks!

The SDM subject team,

Mike, Jane, Guru and José

José Lahoz-Monfort


Enquiries about the application process should be directed to ask.unimelb.edu.au or the 13MELB phone line.

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