Emma J. Hudgins (she/her)

Emma J. Hudgins (she/her)

Lecturer in Quantitative Ecology

School of Agriculture, Food, and Ecosystem Sciences

Emma is interested in the ecology, impacts, and management of species that are changing their distributions due to humans. She works on optimising the management and surveillance of species with dynamic ranges, including for invasive pests and trees undergoing climate-induced range shifts.

She is interested in creating better forecasts of future species distributional patterns and better recommendations for managing invasive species at large scales.

Emma is a recent arrival to QAECO from Canada and continues to collaborate with Canadian government agencies, including Natural Resources Canada—Canadian Forest Service (NRCan-CFS) and Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC). She also has longstanding partnerships with researchers at the United States Forest Service (USDA-FS).

She’s also a member of the InvaCost project - a living database and global working group that quantifies the economic toll of invasive species.

  • Invasive Species
  • Spread modelling
  • Spatial prioritisation
  • Urban wellbeing
  • Forest management