Michael is a PhD student at Deakin University with supervisors from Deakin, The University of Melbourne, CSIRO and ACT government. Michael works on finding links between changes in ecosystems due to both natural and anthropogenic pressure and how those changes impact human well-being through their changed capacity to provide ecosystem services. Michael’s skills and interests are centred around data analysis, modelling and spatial analysis. Michael is also a research assistant where he works on the impacts of plastic debris on coastal environments and is supervising an honours student in this field of research.


Professor Emily Nicholson (University of Melbourne) Dr Kay Critchell (Deakin University) Dr Chloe Sato (ACT government) Dr Hui Xiao (CSIRO)

  • Spatial mapping and analysis
  • Statistical analysis and modelling
  • Marine connectivity and biophyiscal modelling
  • Ecosystem services and economic accounting
  • PhD (ecology), 2020 - ongoing

    Deakin University

  • Masters of Conservation Science, 2017-2018

    The University of Queensland

  • Bachelor of Environmental Science, 2014-2016

    Monash University