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Reading group: You made a G today, but you made it in a sleazy way

For this fortnight’s reading group we got together to discuss a recent paper in Conservation Letters by environmental ethicist, Michael Paul Nelson, and colleagues. Emotions and the Ethics of Consequence in Conservation Decisions: Lessons from Cecil the Lion uses the controversy … Continue reading

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Reading group: Index this

In our latest QAECO reading group, Kate Giljohann selected an editorial published in the Journal of Applied Ecology titled “Management by proxy? The use of indices in applied ecology”. The article, led by Philip Stephens and editors of the journal, … Continue reading

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Poll open! Vote for your #favRpackage

Thanks for all the great nominations for #favRpackage!  The poll is open – vote now for your favourite R package for ecology or conservation-related data analysis. Poll closes 10 October.

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Reading Group: Species-fragmented area relationship

Species-area relationships (SARs) are perhaps the closest thing we have to a law of community ecology. Accordingly, they’ve received copious study over the last two decades, from theoretical development and formalisation, to parameterisation for natural systems and use in conservation … Continue reading

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These are QAEco’s favourite R packages, what’s yours? #favRpackage

Are you an ecologist? What stats program did you use to analyse your data ten years ago? How about now? A recent paper by Justin Touchon and colleagues reviewed changes in the statistics and statistical programs used by ecologists over … Continue reading

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PhD opportunity: threatened native mammals, invasive predators and fire at Glenelg Ark

QAEco is seeking an enthusiastic and highly qualified candidate for a PhD project, researching the influence of fire and invasive predator management on threatened native mammals at Glenelg Ark, south-western Victoria. Potential research topics include: Threatened native mammal responses to … Continue reading

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Reading group: Environmental DNA sampling — hope or hype?

In our latest QAEco reading group, Emily McColl-Gausden and Reid Tingley led a discussion on ‘Environmental DNA for wildlife biology and biodiversity monitoring’ by Kristine Bohmann, Alice Evans and colleagues. Bohmann et al. examined eDNA from a monitoring/ecology perspective, and … Continue reading

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