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Poll open! Vote for your #favRpackage

Thanks for all the great nominations for #favRpackage!  The poll is open – vote now for your favourite R package for ecology or conservation-related data analysis. Poll closes 10 October.

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These are QAEco’s favourite R packages, what’s yours? #favRpackage

Are you an ecologist? What stats program did you use to analyse your data ten years ago? How about now? A recent paper by Justin Touchon and colleagues reviewed changes in the statistics and statistical programs used by ecologists over … Continue reading

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Australia’s favourite eucalypt

Voting closed on Monday 24 March at 11:40 p.m. Congratulations to Mountain Ash; regnans in excelsis. E. regnans reigns on high. Snow Gum E. pauciflora won silver, and it was bronze for Ghost Gum C. aparrerinja. Honourable mentions go to … Continue reading

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