DIG Buddy Program

Buddy Program for incoming students and postdocs

The Buddy Program (BP) is part of a lab-wide initiative in making QAEco welcoming and inclusive to new members. Upon your arrival in QAEco, BP would invite you to be paired with one of the current student/postdoc — your ‘current member buddy’ – who will introduce you to QAEco’s many group activities (e.g. reading & coding clubs) and social events (e.g. Friday drink, craftnoon) and make sure you are not left out. We truly hope that BP can help you have a pleasant experience in joining our lab and perhaps in the future you will be keen to be a buddy for someone else too!

Contact us here:

Chung-Huey Wu (PhD/Postdocs): chunghueyw@student.unimelb.edu.au

August Hao (MSc/MPhil/Hons): tianxiaoh@student.unimelb.edu.au