Statistical Methods and Monitoring Design

Southwell, D. et al., (2019).

Monitoring is vital to help understand the distribution and dynamics of populations, evaluate management actions, and assist in protecting species long-term. We work on a range of monitoring related projects, including optimal monitoring design, power analyses, occupancy and detection, long-term trend analysis, and emerging conservation technologies such as Environmental DNA, thermal cameras, and sniffer dogs with affiliate researchers.


Jose Lahoz-Monfort, Guruzeta Guillera-Arroita, Brendan Wintle, Mick McCarthy, Bronwyn Hradsky, Darren Southwell, Anja Skroblin, Dave Duncan,Kathryn Knights, Emily McColl-Gausden, Kevin Newman, Rebecca Groenewegen, Naomi Indigo, Ian Flint, Martin Ingram, Alys Young, Saoirse Kelleher, Kinjia May Munkara-Murray

Affiliate researchers:

Cindy Hauser, Ried Tingley, Casey Visintin, Jian Yen

Selected publications:

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