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Life in corrupt science: when metrics become targets

‘Publish or perish’. The overused phrase describing career aspects in today’s academia. Whereas day-to-day work is rarely quite as grim, we all learn early on that our performance as scientists is very much measured by the number of publications, citations, … Continue reading

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Changing patterns in plant invastions—Qaecologists unlock the power of the 21st century herbarium

Herbaria are more relevant than ever. Led by Aaron Dodd, Qaecologists and friends used 3 million specimen in the ‘virtual’ herbarium at the Atlas of Living Australia to study a 4 billion dollar national problem: invasive plants. You won’t believe what they … Continue reading

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Australia’s favourite eucalypt

Voting closed on Monday 24 March at 11:40 p.m. Congratulations to Mountain Ash; regnans in excelsis. E. regnans reigns on high. Snow Gum E. pauciflora won silver, and it was bronze for Ghost Gum C. aparrerinja. Honourable mentions go to … Continue reading

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Recent Qaecologist blog posts (May 2013, Weeks 3 & 4)

Another fortnight has gone by in the QAECO lab and  there is another smorgasbord of science writing for us all to feast on. QAECO PhD student Sana Bau is conducting a study on technical information and conservation decisions and is looking for … Continue reading

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It’s make or break time for Australia’s national parks

This post was originally published on The Conversation and is authored by Euan Ritchie, William Laurance, Corey Bradshaw (re-blogged on his site), David Watson, Emma Johnston, Hugh Possingham, Ian Lunt and QAECO’s Mick McCarthy (re-blogged on his site too). It arose from a … Continue reading

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What could be wrong with transparent conservation decision-making?

By Michael Bode (This article first appeared in the Spring 2013 newsletter of the Resource Modelling Association. The newsletter and society journal – Natural Resource Modelling – contain some great articles on modelling that contains both biological and economic processes). There is a … Continue reading

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Recent Qaecologist blog posts (Feb 2013, Weeks 1 & 2)

Blogging is now a big part of the QAECO lab. New blog posts by members of the lab are coming out almost on a daily basis. You can always find the latest posts in the sidebar of the lab website, but in … Continue reading

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On triage, public values and informed debate: trade-offs around extinction

By Mick McCarthy & Hugh Possingham (This article was first published in the November 2012 issue of Decision Point, The Monthly Magazine of the Environmental Decisions Group, and is a modified version of a discussion that appeared recently on the website The Conversation) At … Continue reading

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Whereto for early to mid-career researchers: A Qaecologist reports from Canberra

Pia Lentini, a post-doc in the QAECO lab, attended the Early-Mid Career Researchers Forum, Science pathways: getting science on the national agenda held this week in Canberra. She reports on her experience in a triology of blog posts titled Young Australian Scientist … Continue reading

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QAECO at AMSA-NZMSS 2012: Marine Extremes—And Everything In Between

For the first time since 2007, the Australian Marine Science Association and the New Zealand Marine Science Society will hold a joint meeting 1–5 July, 2012. Over 400 marine scientists from around Australia, New Zealand and beyond will gather in … Continue reading

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