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Surveying amphibians using environmental DNA: is it worth it?

This week at our QAECO reading group we talked about an exciting new technique for surveying aquatic vertebrates: molecular detection. We focused on the paper by Goldberg et al. (2011), who used environmental DNA (eDNA) to detect the presence of … Continue reading

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Trait-based approaches to ecology and conservation

This week at QAECO we’ve been talking about plant and animal traits. We kick-started our discussion by reading McGill et al.’s (2006) paper on functional traits. The authors point out that general principals in community ecology are difficult to find. … Continue reading

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McKenzie Fellowships at The University of Melbourne

Professor John McKenzie was Dean of Science and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) at The University of Melbourne. Recognizing his contribution to research and especially mentoring of young researchers, The University of Melbourne established an annual recruitment of McKenzie Fellows. These fellowships … Continue reading

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Birds have distinctive urban accents

A recent report in The Age has described some research by Dominique Potvin, Kirsten Parris and Raoul Mulder on how the songs of urban silvereyes are different from those of their country cousins. They call more slowly, at a higher … Continue reading

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Two jobs at Museum Victoria to work with QAECO

Two jobs have just been advertised to work on frogs with Dr Jane Melville at Museum Victoria and with QAECO principal researcher Dr Kirsten Parris. One job is a full-time position for two years as a Project Officer, and the … Continue reading

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What is the significance of this?

If you have ever done any scientific work that involved testing a null hypothesis, make sure you check out the discussion on this post over at the Journal of Ecology blog. Scroll down to the comments thread and you’ll find … Continue reading

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Decision Point March 2012

Be sure to check out this month’s issue of Decision point, the completely free monthly magazine of the Environmental Decisions Group. This month Tom Hatton and Peter Marsack provide a thumbnail sketch of the recently released State of Environment 2011 … Continue reading

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Dr Mikey Bode iz in da house!!!

Yo-Yo! The freshest episode of Channel Ten’s science education TV series, SCOPE, features Qaecologist Michael Bode. Check it out and see Mike talking about his work modelling fish dispersal around the Great Barrier Reef. Although the lead up to Mike’s bit … Continue reading

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ARC-CEED Early Career Researcher Visiting Fellowships

Want to come and spend some time at some of the ARC-CEED hubs like the QAECO lab at the University of Melbourne? Well then, a CEED overseas early career researcher visiting fellowship is just the ticket. Applicants can apply to … Continue reading

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Melbourne Water’s annual frog census launch

Check out this article in today’s Herald Sun where you’ll find Qaecologist Claire Keely and a friend promoting the launch of Melbourne Water’s annual frog census.

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