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It’s make or break time for Australia’s national parks

This post was originally published on The Conversation and is authored by Euan Ritchie, William Laurance, Corey Bradshaw (re-blogged on his site), David Watson, Emma Johnston, Hugh Possingham, Ian Lunt and QAECO’s Mick McCarthy (re-blogged on his site too). It arose from a … Continue reading

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On triage, public values and informed debate: trade-offs around extinction

By Mick McCarthy & Hugh Possingham (This article was first published in the November 2012 issue of Decision Point, The Monthly Magazine of the Environmental Decisions Group, and is a modified version of a discussion that appeared recently on the website The Conversation) At … Continue reading

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Happy birthday!

Jane Catford pointed out to us that qaeco.com is one year old as of a couple of days ago. Ahh… don’t they grow up so fast! Massive thanks are owed to Will Morris, John Baumgartner and James Camac for all … Continue reading

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Decision Point

Decision Point is a monthly publication brought to you by the Environmental Decisions Group (EDG), of which QAECO is a part. From the magazine’s front cover: [Decision Point] presents news and views on environmental decision making, biodiversity, conservation planning and … Continue reading

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