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The intermediate disturbance hypothesis and plant invasions: implications for species richness and management

A new paper in Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics examines the relationship between the intermediate disturbance hypothesis (IDH) and alien plant invasions. IDH predicts a hump-shaped pattern between community diversity and disturbance, and is central to understanding patterns … Continue reading

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Managing invasive aliens

In a recent newsletter article, qaecologist Jane Catford discusses some causes, impacts and ways to manage alien plant invasion in riparian ecosystems, with a particular focus on the River Murray. Published in the Inland Rivers Network News, you can find … Continue reading

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Qaecologists at SCB

This week a bunch of qaecologists will be presenting their work at the Society for Conservation Biology meeting in Auckland, New Zealand. If you’re in town be sure to check them out.

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Quantifying levels of biological invasion: towards the objective classification of invaded and invasible ecosystems

Biological invasions are a global phenomenon that threatens biodiversity, and few, if any, ecosystems are free from alien species. The relative “success” of invasion is influenced by inherent features of the species (invasiveness) and recipient ecosystems (invasibility), and factors associated … Continue reading

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What do early career researchers think of the publication process?

In 2010, two senior ecologists wrote a thought-provoking paper about their experience of the scientific publication process. One of their aims was to generate discussion about the publication process, and that it did: it led to a follow-up piece by … Continue reading

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