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Halting the spread of cane toads

By Reid Tingley & Darren Southwell Cane toads are one of the worst invasive species in Australia. Introduced to Queensland in 1935 as a biological control agent, the toads have spread at a formidable pace across northern Australia, and have had … Continue reading

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Adaptive management of kangaroos in Wyperfeld National Park

By Chris Jones, José Lahoz-Monfort, and Cindy Hauser There are many members of QAECO who work on projects incorporating adaptive management. This post describes an example of one such project lead by Cindy and José along with Yung En Chee, Brendan … Continue reading

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QAECOlogists and facilitation: happy groups, great science, better decisions

At QAECO, we believe good science should inform good management decisions.  To achieve this it is essential to have good collaborations across a range of disciplines and relevant stakeholders.  The opinion of experts is a valuable resource for decision making.  … Continue reading

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Recent Qaecologist blog posts (March 2013, Weeks 1 & 2)

The first two weeks of March continued the trend of quality blogging by qaecologists. As always, Amy Whitehead treated us to more great shots of wildlife that has passed in front of her camera lens. Also blogging this month, QAECO … Continue reading

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The science and practice of restoration ecology

We’ve just finished a great QAECO discussion on Restoration Ecology. The focus of our discussion was Brooks & Lake’s (2007) paper on river restoration in southern Australia. They asked: can the available data on river restoration projects inform the science … Continue reading

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The intermediate disturbance hypothesis and plant invasions: implications for species richness and management

A new paper in Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics examines the relationship between the intermediate disturbance hypothesis (IDH) and alien plant invasions. IDH predicts a hump-shaped pattern between community diversity and disturbance, and is central to understanding patterns … Continue reading

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Managing invasive aliens

In a recent newsletter article, qaecologist Jane Catford discusses some causes, impacts and ways to manage alien plant invasion in riparian ecosystems, with a particular focus on the River Murray. Published in the Inland Rivers Network News, you can find … Continue reading

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