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Victorian National Parks Association interviews Libby Rumpf

As part of the National Science Week 2015, the Victorian National Parks Association is celebrating Victorian scientists who are dedicated in understanding natural environments and finding solutions to conservation problems. Our very own Libby Rumpf is highlighted in an article by Tim Reynolds which can be found here. If you … Continue reading

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Recent Qaecologist blog posts (May 2013, Weeks 3 & 4)

Another fortnight has gone by in the QAECO lab and  there is another smorgasbord of science writing for us all to feast on. QAECO PhD student Sana Bau is conducting a study on technical information and conservation decisions and is looking for … Continue reading

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It’s make or break time for Australia’s national parks

This post was originally published on The Conversation and is authored by Euan Ritchie, William Laurance, Corey Bradshaw (re-blogged on his site), David Watson, Emma Johnston, Hugh Possingham, Ian Lunt and QAECO’s Mick McCarthy (re-blogged on his site too). It arose from a … Continue reading

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The science and practice of restoration ecology

We’ve just finished a great QAECO discussion on Restoration Ecology. The focus of our discussion was Brooks & Lake’s (2007) paper on river restoration in southern Australia. They asked: can the available data on river restoration projects inform the science … Continue reading

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Upcoming symposium on climate change in Victoria

Next month, The Royal Society of Victoria and Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute will hold a two-day symposium on the nature and effects of climate change in Victoria, and our capacity to reduce exposure and vulnerability to its impacts. The symposium, … Continue reading

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