Threatened Species, Communities and Ecosystems

We are passionate about conservation. We undertake fieldwork to understand management implications and apply the principles of our other research themes to threatened species, communities and ecosystems.

Species Distribution Modelling (SDM) and Population dynamics

We develop, test and apply methods for predicting species distributions and abundance. Our research in population modelling is broad with topics ranging from theoretical, mathematical and management applications, particularly for threatened species, invasive species, fire, or scenario planning such as climate change.

Statistical Methods and Monitoring Design

We work on a range of monitoring related projects, including optimal monitoring design, occupancy and detection, long-term trend analysis, and emerging conservation technologies.

Functional Traits and Generalisations

We investigate the traits of Eucalyptus species to understand generalisations of the traits, predictings distributions, habitat suitability and susceptibility to pressures such as droughts.

Decision analysis for conservation and resource management

We investigate how the decision making can be best informed by science using structured decision-making, prioritisation and optimisation.

Metaresearch and Reproducibility

Related to the MetaMelb lab, we study the science of how science is done. This is called metaresearch or metascience, and is important in understanding credibility, replicability and reproducibility of scientific claims.

Indigenous Ecological Knowledge

We are working with Indigenous communities to embed their desires and values into research and weaving different knowledges together to enhance conservation.

Bio-economic modelling and business/biodiversity trade-offs

We address fundamental questions about the combined impacts of consumption, climate change and land use change on biodiversity to inform mitigation and adaptation measures for climate change and biodiversity loss.