Threatened Species, Communities and Ecosystems

Soanes, K. and Lentini, P.E. (2019). Artwork by E Pirtle.

Globally, biodiversity is declining. Australia has the highest rate of mammal extinctions with many more species at risk of extinction. At QAEco, we are passionate about conservation. We apply the principles and methods of our other research themes to threatened species and ecosystems. We also have a strong applied ecology focus for threatened species on threat management, particularly invasive predators (the red fox and feral cats) and inappropriate fire regimes. Understanding the impact of management actions of invasive predators and changed fire regions, and the subsequent outcomes for conservation, is important when making effective decisions.


Brendan Wintle, Emily Nicholson, Dave Duncan, Peter Vesk, Mick McCarthy, Libby Rumpff, Bronwyn Hradsky, Anja Skroblin, Natalie Briscoe, Darren Southwell, Linda Riquelme, Kate Giljohann, Kylie Soanes, Matt Rees, David Wilkinson, Rebecca Groenewegen, Adam Smart, Vishnu Menon, Islay McDougall, Olivia Tunney, Matthew Whitney, Shih Wen Huang, Ezra Janetzki

Affiliate researchers:

Ami Bennett, Pia Lentini, Kat Selwood, Luke Kelly, Jack Pascoe, Erica Marshall, Kate Senior, Naomi Indigo, Hugh Davies

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